You wanna check these skills
dabbling digitally on the daily

We slide down your DM's so smooth
you'd swear you're drinking Baileys

We innovate, collaborate
your dank memes we circulate

Not to elaborate
but we're heavyweight digital magnates

We're fresher than fresh
and our branding will impress

We're an extremely attractive unit
important, but I digress

But I'm getting carried away now
I haven't run down what we do

This is what this crew
gets down and does for you

We present you with a presence
all over the interwebs

You'll forget what it was like
having a website like other plebs

Your business is our business
we up your online steeze

It's hard not to be making bank
when you deal with facts like these

We're branding wizards
warlocks, witches, or whatever

Once we're through with you
hold tight, you'll be earning way more cheddar

Turn your funnel to a waterfall
when it previously was just a trickle

Get digitised, home slice
and get yo' business with Link Pixel


"the brains"

Jimmy knows small business. After successfully launching Link in 2012, he’s grown it exponentially year on year, to the thriving ecosystem of multifaceted businesses it is today. The key to the success of this growth has been digital marketing. “Ït’s all about being found when people are looking for you”. He understands the importance of strategy and seeing the big picture, and can develop an achievable action plan to help you get there.
“Small business now have all the tools to compete in a very real way against the big players in the market. I’ll help you reach your business growth goals and give you great insight on the way there”



"website wizard"

Growing up in Malaysia, I've always imagined the same life path we were all taught in school - go to college, graduate with a professional degree, get a job in the same field and succeed in life or dishonour your family. Adulting in Australia has taught me to embrace the unknown and appreciate the unexpected flukes in life. Who knew that my boring accounting degree would lead me to a creative career in web design?! I sure as hell didn't! Thanks to James' flair for running with crazy ideas, what originally started as a lifeless bookkeeping job saw my evolution into a self-taught web designer and digital marketing ninja.

Goodbye, strict routine life!
Hello, endless changes and client requests!



"content conjurer"


I specialise in photography, videography, content creation and social media management - at 19 I was the marketing executive for Australia's largest Body Jewellery Distributor.
My cat has enthusiastic opinions about The Communist Manifesto, although I'm not quite sure which side he's on. That's why he's cross-eyed. Too many agendas.
My brother in law is Superman, so I guess you can imagine the Christmas dinners.

Want to know the lie? Contact us today.




"seo master of the universe"

Ricky Ponting Look-a-Like and Game of Thrones Enthusiast.