Building a Strong Brand Image

Branding is a very important aspect of any business, as it allows you to make a strong impression on your customers. Your brand should tell them what your business stands for and be memorable enough to stay in their minds even when no longer exposed. 

Having a strong brand is what allows you to stand out from the mass of competitors and form that vital relationship with the customer. Below is a quick rundown on how to foster a powerful brand image.  

Make it relevant

Consider what personality you wish for your brand to portray, then ask yourself if that image suits your target audience. If you are targeting working class people, a casual and friendly tone may be the way to go, while if you are catering towards large businesses you will likely wish to have a professional image. The strongest brand can still be ineffective if it does not appeal to the relevant people. 

Your type of business will also affect the best brand choice, as does your objectives. If your focus is on attracting as many new customers as possible, an exciting and innovative brand may be what you wish to portray, while a business which aims to keep long-term clients and foster strong relationships may want a trustworthy and dependable portrayal. 

What is important to remember is to not portray a brand image that isn’t true. If you run a rigid and disciplined organisation, portraying a casual and laid-back image is both difficult and counter intuitive. Ultimately, your brand needs to inform your customers of what you stand for, though you may emphasise certain aspects to appeal to your target market. Having this image permeate through the entire organisation will make your brand much stronger.   

Consistency is key

In order to solidify and strengthen your branding, it is important to have a consistent message. The personality that you wish to portray to customers should be visible in all aspects from your business, not just the advertising. 

From the logo and colour choices to language and tone, all must convey the same message to solidify what your brand means in the mind of the consumer. If your brand promotes that summery Australian beach lifestyle, you want a logo that evokes this imagery, bright sunny colours and a tone that is relaxed and down to earth. Having a consistent brand image ensures the customer does not get confused by messages that conflict with each other. 

Remember, branding is a long-term investment, and changing your brand image can involve months of slowly altering consumer perception. Why would a consumer want to be loyal to a brand that changes their message every week? A consistent brand helps to build consumer trust when applied correctly. 


With everything from the internet and social media to the office or store and marketing, your customers likely have many different potential touchpoints with your business. By having all these branding elements work in synergy, your business is able to create a stronger message as customers realise this is not just marketing, but a core value of your organisation. 

Spreading this sentiment through your team also helps to solidify the message as part of the work culture, bringing to reality the brand image you wish to portray. The strongest brands are those that are not only spread what they wish to portray but build their business around that message. 

To summarise 

Branding is one of the most powerful tools in your marketing toolbox. To be successful, you must not only know your target audience, but your own business as well. Consistent branding will help you to build consumer loyalty and synergy helps to make your business’ message clearer and stronger.

If you need help in branding your business or want to know more about how marketing can help you, send us a message at Link Pixel.  


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