How To Design Your New Logo Effectively

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Logos are an immensely personal element to a business. It encompasses the look and feel of the brand and then identifies it clearly for a customer. They act as rallying points for regular customers and often, for them, become the reason to buy a product.

A logo redesign is a daunting task for any business. Taking something that is immensely personal and important to both you and your customers, and then changing it, is huge. But it is something that is essential to keeping a brand feeling new, fresh and in sync with modern life.

Here are some important things to consider when redesigning your logo.

Establish your goals

The first thing that should be established before starting any project are the goals. The stakes are high with a logo redesign so you need to ensure that you know what you want the results of the redesign to be, and how you will get there. Before you begin brainstorming ideas, create a set of goals for the redesign, these should go beyond how it will look.

Consider answering questions like: Why does the logo need to be redesigned? Or what story do you want to tell about your brand? The answers to these questions will help you determine the direction you want to take.

Say you want to update an older logo to something that looks fresh and modern. The story you want to tell with your brand is that it is still the same core product that your customers love, just updated for current needs. Now you know what sort of design you want to take, and what idea it should portray.

Know where you are putting your logo

There are more spaces than ever that require your logo. They range from tiny circles on a smartwatch, to giant billboards. A few years ago, a logo would have only been used in a handful of spaces like brochures or on TV. This shift means that you need to not just take into account the logistics of replacing the logo, but you need to ensure that the design is replicated effectively across these variously sized spaces.

The design needs to reflect all the locations that you plan to use it. Maybe you will need to simplify it further to remain recognisable for your Apple Watch app, or you need it to be able to look amazing when blown up to billboard size.

Know what elements you want to keep

So many logos have a traditional element to them. Whether this is certain shapes or colours or fonts. The tricky part with any logo redesign is to know what traditional elements to keep and what to remove.

Retaining key shapes or colours with a modern twist can help keep your brand recognisable while still providing a much needed refresh. Think of Microsoft’s logo change. While it may be seen as conservative it signaled the brands new, modern focus. Gone were the Italicised fonts and wavy windows. In its place was a simplified four colours and a squared off Microsoft. It is instantly recognisable, while still portraying a modern Microsoft ready for a new age of technology.

However, sometimes a significant redesign is necessary. If you are looking to turn away from your past, showing your shift into a new product category or industry, then it is completely fine to keep very little of your old logo.

Keep it on brand

Often logo redesigns fail because there is a mismatch between customer perceptions of the brand and the message the new logo portrays. Drastic changes to your logo could prove off putting or confusing to customers. They may struggle to recognise your brand amongst your competitors.

When you do redesign your logo consider what makes your logo recognisable to your customers. Consider your brand and the image it portrays. If your logo goes against this image you could risk confusing your customers.


Logo redesigns are a high-risk step that involves changing a deeply personal element to your brand. However, they are incredibly important to the growth of a brand. These redesigns reflect your brand’s desire to grow and change, bringing in new customers.

To ensure that your redesign is effective you should consult with branding experts. Link Pixel has experienced designers who are experts at logo refreshes. Contact Link Pixel for a free logo redesign consultation today.


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