4 questions to make sure your content is consistent across platforms

Content is vital in marketing. Written content pops up in some form in almost every marketing channel. Whether it be blogs, websites, social media, Google Ads, or even many traditional marketing forms, great written content is key to their success.

With all those different channels for copy to be written for, you may find your style or tone of voice shifting from platform to platform. This can be a disaster, especially if you have a very well-established brand within your business (which you should). Trust factor is a major aspect of getting a customer to purchase from you. A consistent and relatable brand is designed to bring this trust factor. But, if your copy is inconsistent across different platforms to the customer it will seem as if they are engaging with someone new each time, they see your brand, ruining the trust factor.

So, what can you do to keep your copy consistent and maintain that trust factor? Here are 4 questions you should ask yourself whenever you are writing for your brand.

1. Does this copy follow my brand guidelines?

Your brand guidelines are the laws of your brand. They dictate what you can and can’t do with your brand. This extends to the copy. Band guidelines are going to be a massive help in ensuring your copy is consistent and on brand. This is especially true if you have multiple writers.

Use your brand guidelines like a checklist. If the content you have written ticks every box, then it is likely to match all other content you have written. The key is to make sure the copy ticks every box, not just a couple, this will keep your copy on track and consistent.

2. Would customers expect this style of copy from me?

You speak to your customers through your copy, this is the voice of your brand. Through all your marketing channels, emails, social posts, or web copy, they are expecting to hear a specific voice or style from you. They want to keep hearing this voice and not have multiple different voices across different platforms.

If your brand voice is professional and you start posting jokes or playful posts on social media, your audience is going to be confused. If they are confused, they are less likely to purchase your products or services, and less likely to trust your brand. Keep it consistent and your audience will be ready to purchase from you.

3. Would my customers still recognise me if I took away my branding?

What if you took away all your branded colours, logos, fonts, and images, would your customers still recognise you from your copy alone? For many brands, this will be tough. But it is still a good exercise.

Your copy is the meat of your marketing. It is how you communicate directly with your customers, and as we mentioned earlier it is your voice, the rest, fonts, and colours, are just there to add extra flavour. So, if your copy is so good that your audience can recognise it without the rest of your brand then you have nailed it. Of course, the rest is important, fonts images and colours add the flavouring, garnish, or side which makes your offering so much more enticing. But when you get the base right, your brand voice, the rest begins to come together.

4. Does it fit with other copy I have written?

New copy should always fit with the copy you currently have live right now. Every time you write a new promotion, call to action, or email, compare it with your previous work and consider whether it fits in with what you have written previously.

A good way to look at it is through brand colours. If your brand colour is red and you choose to highlight something with a slightly lighter shade of red, it could still be on brand and your customers aren’t going to be off-put by it. But if you start highlighting things with blue or green, they are going to be confused wondering if this was the same company they interacted with previously.


Use these questions every time you are writing content for your business. Be critical towards it, and ensure every question is answered with a yes before you hit publish. This will ensure consistency is maintained across your marketing channels, allowing your audience to get to know your brand and grow to trust it. Then, as we know, trust often leads to sales.

If you need help writing consistent branded copy for your marketing channels come have a chat with our content writing team.

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