5 Reasons Why Now is the Best Time for Digital Marketing

The current coronavirus pandemic has meant many Australians are opting to stay at home. Most businesses have also been adversely affected, but the last thing you want to do is simply close your doors and weather the storm. Digital marketing provides the opportunity to continue getting exposure, and even business, during these uncertain times. 

Below, we offer 5 reasons for why being proactive in the employment of digital marketing can help your business through this difficult period and beyond.  

1. Stand out from the competition 

During this time, many businesses are simply focused on staying afloat, giving you the opportunity to gain an advantage. By proactively using digital marketing, you are able to show potential customers that the business is still going strong and managing the situation well. People will be more likely to choose a business that they can see is managed well as it also implies a quality product or service.  

Even if customers or clients do not immediately become conversions, you still build on your brand image by presenting a business that is able to effectively handle crises. Having this positive, reliable image is a long-term advantage that may benefit your business well into the future.  

2. Customers are spending more time online 

With Australians now spending most of their time at home, that also means an increase in internet usage. Whether they’re browsing social media, reading content or online shopping, the internet is now the best way you can reach your target audience.  

There is a wealth of information available on the browsing habits of different market segments, allowing you to specifically target certain platforms and get the right audience for your business. Investing in this now, while consumers are using the internet more than ever, will give your brand the exposure and visibility it needs. 

3. Keep your customers informed 

Many businesses have had to adapt their offerings in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. For example, restaurants have had to limit their options to pick-up and delivery. If your business is offering an adjusted service, you need to make sure your customers know about it. Digital marketing is the obvious choice for this, since most of your customers will be at home.  

Even if your services or products have not changed, it can be good to simply assure people that your business is still operating in these uncertain times and adhering to the COVID-19 health regulations. 

4. The opportunity for ecommerce 

While physical retail stores have seen a dramatic decrease in sales, online ecommerce stores are still doing reasonably well. Unsurprisingly, entertainment products and consumer electronics are seeing the most success while people look for ways to keep themselves occupied at home.  

If your business has an ecommerce store, now is the ideal time to promote it, with so many people staying at home and spending time on the internet. If your business does not have an ecommerce store, you may want to investigate its viability, especially if your normal operation has been affected. Having this additional revenue stream will help your business immensely, and with the world increasingly moving online, a good ecommerce site will continue to be useful after this period is over. 

5. Investing in the Future 

While this situation has brought on challenges, it is important to remember that everyone is in the same boat. By managing this crisis well, your business will be able to come out on top when this is all over. Increasing your digital marketing during this period will help maintain your business’ revenue stream, while showing people that your brand is strong and reliable. You will find that the things you learn, and practices you employ will help your business well into the future.  

In summary 

While the impacts of the coronavirus mean that many businesses have been adversely affected, being proactive in digital marketing at this time can still be advantageous. Standing out from the competition and being seen by customers who are using the internet more can help your brand, while informing them of your current offerings and promoting an ecommerce store can keep the revenue flowing. For more information on how you can get the most out of digital marketing for your business, Link Pixel are always available for a chat

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