How to Be the Rockstar of Your Industry

How to Be the Rockstar of Your Industry

Every business owner wants to be number one in their industry. They want to be the one stop shop for their customers while outgrowing and outlasting their competitors. Many business owners get caught up in the idea of becoming number one that they lose sight of what puts them there, their customers.

What business owners really should aim to be is the rockstars of their industry. But what exactly does that mean?

What is being the Rockstar of your industry mean?

When you think of rockstars you probably think of big haired Bon Jovi from the ‘80s or maybe the rebellious Rolling Stones. So how does this relate to business?

All these rockstars had a few things in common. They had the adoration, trust, and attention of their fans. Each were the masters of connecting with people to influence their decisions. Whether it be fashion, the songs they listened to, or even where they travelled to, these rockstars held power.

For them, it wasn’t necessarily about having a number one hit single, it was about their unique persona and the way they connected with their fans to build trust and adoration. That is what a Rockstar business does. It focuses on building connections with its customers, portraying a unique image, and evoking emotions.

Why be the Rockstar of your industry?

Rockstar businesses are masters at building connections with their customers, to evoke real emotions and inspire them to engage and buy. These Rockstar businesses take their audience on a journey, focusing on providing an engaging experience. In the end their customers become loyal to the brand, defending them and promoting them to friends and family.

Engaged fans are 90% more likely to buy more frequently from a brand and spend 60% more dollars per transaction. That is huge! Not only that, but your engaged fans will do some of your promotion for you, posting about you online or encouraging friends and family to buy from your business. Your engaged fans will accelerate your businesses growth, pushing you into that number one spot.

How do you connect with your audience?

Connecting with your audience is all about building a unique image around your brand, and creating personal, human connections with your customers. It is an ongoing conversation that becomes less about selling and more about understanding their problems and showing them the solution.

Building this connection requires research into who your customers are, what their pain points are and how to speak to them. This could involve using language that they can connect with, building a story, or just being real or genuine with your customers.

Get your staff and customers involved, communicating with each other through social media. Don’t be afraid to make videos like vlogs or publish blogs. These provide your brand with a human face, which is one of the best ways to build connections to your customers. To take it further, be brave with your content, dare to be different.

If you want to take your business further and become the Rockstar of your industry have a chat with Link Pixel’s branding experts today!


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