How to market your new business with no money

How to market your new business with no money (1)

Starting a new business, but don’t have much money for marketing? It isn’t the end of the world, there are plenty of businesses who are now successful which started with a very shallow marketing budget. Unless they have investors, many small businesses often have only a few thousand dollars, if that, which they can spare to marketing expenses.

The key to making this small budget work for you, is to take advantage of the most cost-effective marketing channels available. Through these avenues you can find your audience and build sales having spent minimal, or any, money to get there.

All you need to do is roll your sleeves up and dive in. Implement a robust marketing strategy designed to provide you the results you are after while spending minimal cash. To help you get started we have created this guide to marketing your new business with no money.

1. Hire yourself as the marketing expert

Hiring a dedicated marketing person or agency right out of the gate can be a risky move if you don’t have the cash. While they will ultimately get you better results, it is far smarter to begin by marketing yourself. This way you can demonstrate that there is a market for your goods or services. If there isn’t, then at least you didn’t lose money on an expensive marketing expert.

You will need to get down and do the hard work. Studying, reading, watching video tutorials and more. Google even has a free digital marketing course you can take. Learning marketing yourself can save you thousands of dollars in the early stages.

When you begin making money you can bring in a marketing expert to get better results and take some of the pressure off. But you should not do that upfront unless you have enough money to invest in marketing.

2. Build your brand and design a professional logo for free

When you are marketing on a budget you really need to make every impression count. You won’t be getting millions of impressions, or people who suddenly are aware of your brand. This means you need to do the extra work upfront to make sure all first impressions your business gets are good.

Start by building a brand your customers can connect with. For this you will need a brand logo, colours, a website, and media. If you don’t have any budget, you likely won’t be hiring branding experts. But you can still create a great brand to carry you through your fist few years.

To get started you should determine your brand personality. You will want a personality which will resonate with your customers, but also suits your own personality, values, your business’ values, and what you want to sell. Use BrandPersonalities, it is a free website which is great for this.

From there, you should create your logo. You can use free tools like Canva to design your logo. It even has logo templates which you can use to create something which fits your brand. Don’t worry too much about creating anything ground breaking, for now you want something that looks professional and suits your brand.

3. Build a website at a low cost

Now you need to build a website. Do not use something cheap like Wix. They look cheap, and this can be detrimental to making that awesome first impression we were talking about. It is a much better idea to use either WordPress or Shopify, depending on what your business is selling.

From here you can either attempt to build it yourself. There are some great tools you can use to help yourself if you don’t want to learn to code. For example Beaver Builder is so great that even most agencies use it. However, it does cost money.

Alternatively, you could purchase a template. This will give you some flexibility in terms of content, but not necessarily with how the site looks. Also, some templates may not be right for your use case. Despite this, templates can be super easy to use and look awesome. They are one of the fastest ways to get your website up and running.

A third option could be to have someone else build the website for you. This is great if you want something customised to your needs, looks incredible, and has awesome functionality. However, it will be expensive, and may not be within your budget. But it is the easiest option.

4. Take advantage of an organic marketing strategy

Get ready to become very familiar with SEO, content marketing, and social media marketing. If you don’t have a lot of cash to play with, it can be very expensive to run advertising campaigns, so you will need to look instead at organic marketing. The thing about organic marketing is that it doesn’t cost you anything but time.

For SEO you will need to make changes to your website in order to help Google see your website as an authoritative site in your industry. To take advantage of content marketing, create lots of quality content which provides value for your customers, encouraging them to purchase from you, or educating them on how to use your products or services. Finally, for Social Media, create a strong presence across social channels your customers use and share content with them to get engagement.

We have created extensive guides on each of these three avenues of marketing to help you make the most of them and achieve excellent results. Use them as a great starting point while you delve into organic marketing. Don’t be afraid to do a little bit of experimenting, as you have greater liberty to do so in these early stages.

5. Only use paid advertising to boost your organic marketing

Do not try to run a Google Ads or Facebook Ads campaign if you have a very limited marketing budget. These avenues will eat up your budget very quickly. On a small budget they will likely not deliver the fast results which can be achieved when you have a budget of thousands of dollars.

This means you will likely spend your money creating a large amount of awareness for your brand but not a lot of sales. It can take a lot of trial and error, tweaking and altering the campaign, before the conversion rate begins to climb. So, it is best to use paid advertisement as a way to raise awareness for, and to boost your organic marketing efforts.

Run ads to give your blogs, or latest posts a boost. This way it can get lots of views, likes and shares, potentially pushing it to the first page of Google. Plus, organic marketing uses content which lives forever, so you can continue receiving views and conversions off content created years ago for free.


The biggest takeaway you should get from this article is that you need to learn how to do the basics of marketing yourself while also investing heavily in organic marketing. This will ensure you can stretch your small budget as far as possible while still getting great results. Of course, the biggest investment here is time, and it can be a lot of work. But the results you achieve here will ultimately power up future marketing efforts when you do have a greater budget.

If you wish to expand your marketing further and are looking to achieve more leads and sales, come talk to our team. We can help you get started in paid Ads, advanced SEO and content marketing techniques, and more.

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