How Long Does It Take To See Results From Google Ads?

Google Ads is one of the most popular digital marketing platforms to reach new and existing customers, increasing conversions. This is because Google Ads works, really well. If you have an excellent Ads specialist managing your campaign you can get some great results that will increase your sales.

However, reaching the great results Google Ads can offer does take time. We have mentioned before that, compared with SEO, Google Ads is relatively quick to see results from. This is true, Google Ads does take less time to get going, but it still takes time.

How long? At least 3 months to mature the campaign, and up to 12 months to develop a strong campaign. Of course, some industries will see results faster while others may take longer. I can hear what you are saying: “12 months is a long time!” That is very true, but the results are well worth it (most of our clients see a 220% increase in average conversion rates). But, here is why it can take so long.

Onboarding time

Getting off the ground can take some time with Google Ads. One of the most time-consuming processes for Google Ads is onboarding. Setting up the campaign takes some research, and content creation before you can launch. This is why it is vital that you get a Google Ads specialist to help you with the set-up.

The Agency will have the experience required to make this process smooth and set your campaign up for success from the get-go. However, they will need to get to know your business, its competitors, and your customers. They will also need to build a strategy and the campaign.

Spending the upfront cost for a proper Ads set-up will have far-reaching benefits for your campaign over risking your budget on low-quality clicks.

Google takes time to approve ads

Sometimes Google themselves can slow the process down. Before your ad is published, Google will take a look at it, which takes time. They will look at:

  • The headline: to see if it is spammy or misleading
  • The Ad description: checking for offensive content or prohibited content
  • Keywords: whether the keywords you are targeting makes sense for the Ad
  • Landing page: whether your landing page matches the ad

Google wants to give users the best possible experience with Ads. This will maintain their relevance and keep customers clicking.

To ensure Google approves your Ad quickly all you need to do is follow their guidelines.

It is normal for a campaign to need time to build momentum

The reality with any marketing campaign, no matter what channel you use, it will take some time to kick off. Google Ads is no exception. It can take a few weeks before a Google Ads campaign will pick up and leads will begin to come through. This initial kick is always slow, and the leads will trickle in at first.

With Google Ads, the key is to keep at it. As we said earlier it can take 3 months for a campaign to mature. Once it has matured you will see buckets of leads begin to come through, cost per conversion rates drop, and your overall revenue from Google Ads increases.

If your campaign is performing out of the ordinary your PPC specialist will tell you and will have a solution at hand to kick it back into gear.

You need data to come through

Data is vital to any Google Ads campaign. Stagnation is what causes the death of PPC campaigns. However, you can only change and optimise campaigns when you have enough data collected to make informed decisions. So, the first month or so is purely spent collecting data to see what works for your target audience and what doesn’t. There also may be landing page tweaks to optimise conversions. Then, once you have hit your sweet spot you are good to go.

This is where an agency becomes important. They have experienced PPC specialists who have worked with many campaigns, analysing data and optimising them for success. With a PPC specialist, your campaign will be optimised based on data collected and will be much more effective at pulling in new leads.


Google Ads works, extremely well. We have seen many business owners find great success using Google Ads as one of their marketing channels. It perfectly complements other marketing channels, while offering a great return on investment. All you need to do is find the right Google Ads specialist and wait. Often, the campaign will hit off earlier than expected. Just give it time and keep working at it.

If you need further advice around Google Ads, talk to one of our Google Ads specialists today!


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