Is There GST On Google Ads? And Other Common Google Ads Questions Answered

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Google Ads is a very efficient form of marketing that enables you to get traffic to your website, and build up leads, faster than SEO. Of course, that doesn’t discount SEO, both forms of marketing go hand in hand, but it does give small business owners a quick boost in leads and conversions.

When just starting your business there is a lot to think about even before you get to thinking about your marketing. When you do get to marketing there is so much information around marketing and the forms it comes in that it can get a little overwhelming. So, we have answered the most common questions new business owners have about Google Ads.

What is Google Ads?

Google Ads is an online advertising platform that businesses can use to promote their products or services right within Google search, YouTube, and other websites across the internet. A business can use these to drive website visits or increase phone calls, or more, depending on the goals you set for your ad.

These Ads are customisable, allowing them to perform optimally to attract your target audience. You can tweak who your Ads target through interests, locations, ages, gender, and much more. Google has a lot of data, and they use this to assist you in reaching the right people. Budgets can also be customised, and Ads can be started or stopped at any time.

Isn’t that also called Google Adwords?

Yes, and no. Google Ads was formally known as Google Adwords and Google Adwords express. In 2018 Google released a brand new, name changed, upgraded Google Ads, officially ending Google Adwords.

How does Google Ads work?

When you create and Ad, Google Ads will display it in search around relevant searches. This means, when people search for the products or services you offer your Ad will appear within the search. Through Google Ads, if you target the right searches, you could reach a lot of potential customers.

The trick is in knowing the right keywords and demographics to target while balancing that with your budget. This is where a Google Ads specialist comes in, they can make an otherwise daunting task seem easy, while getting you heaps of leads.

Is Google Ads effective?

In the right hands Google Ads can be very effective. On average advertisers make $8 for every $1 they spend on Google Ads. The platform has become one of the most popular marketing channels for a reason, many small businesses find that it works.

How much does Google Ads cost?

The strength of Google Ads is that you set the cost. You only pay what you want to pay. Of course, your budget is a factor in the positioning of your ads, but choose the right keywords and demographics settings and you will find success with any budget.

You can also adjust your budget on the fly, increasing it during highly competitive seasons, then decreasing it again during less competitive seasons. Don’t be afraid to play around with your budget and customise it to get the best results.

Is there GST on Google Ads?

As of 2016 Google was required to charge GST on its Google Ads service. That year the laws surrounding GST and offshore companies changed, resulting in Google being forced to register for GST.

If you are registered for GST this is good news. You may be able to receive that GST spent back in the form of GST tax credits. We cannot provide specific advice around GST Credits so you should talk to your accountant about them to determine your situation.

How do I start?

Getting started with Google Ads is far easier with a Google Ads specialist by your side. They will be able to set up your account properly, and get you started on the right foot. If you have any questions surrounding Google Ads you can ask them. This is the easiest and most effective way to begin with Google Ads. Talk to our Google ads specialists today!


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