How an SEO audit can assist and guide your blogging strategy

How an SEO audit can assist and guide your blogging strategy

Whether you have built a large blog catalogue targeting a wide range of keywords, or are just starting out on your own blogs, an SEO audit could make a big impact on your blogging strategy. Having good data on your website, target market, and search can guide your blogging strategy. So, what is an SEO audit? What kind of data does it find? How will that impact your blogging strategy?   

What is an SEO Audit?

SEO audits are a deep dive into your website, content, and SEO strategy. There are different levels of SEO audits, some are fast and completed by bots, others take a deeper dive into your website, and are completed by SEO specialists. The basic level with bots can often be free, but it doesn’t dive deeper beyond the base level, providing basic, low-hanging fruit recommendations. An audit by an SEO expert meanwhile, will go deeper into your website’s structure, your strategy, and more to uncover detailed recommendations.

What can an SEO Audit find?

An SEO audit will dig into all areas of your website’s performance, which can help you understand your audience better and build your business on top of that. Audits can help:

  • You see how your audience is finding your website and why they may not be finding you.
  • With a site audit you can build a to-do list of improvements that you can make to your website and SEO strategy.
  • An audit is an important part of your website maintenance. With an audit you can spot issues early before they impact the performance of your website.
  • A site audit can help uncover new competitors and uncover the strategies your competitors could be using.
  • You can measure the effectiveness of change you have made, giving you an idea on what worked and what didn’t work. This information can then be used to help you prioritise changes, checking off the ones that could make the biggest impact on your traffic first.
  • Uncover new optimisation opportunities that you may not have known about before. There are many optimisation opportunities that extend beyond the low-hanging fruit site fixes. A good SEO audit will be able to provide you a deeper insight into changes that you could make which may have a big effect on your traffic, and conversions.
  • A site audit will also be able to uncover any UI/UX changes which could be made to improve customer experience on your website.

How will that help my blogging strategy?

Data is incredibly important when creating a marketing strategy. Blogs have the potential to be an incredibly effective strategy for building up the number of keywords your website ranks for, while also building trust with your audience. With an SEO audit, you can find out what keywords you should be targeting, what questions your target audience is typing into Google, and even what keywords your competitors are targeting.

With this data, you can alter your blogging strategy to hone it onto your target audience. By utilising a more targeted strategy you will be able to improve the relevance of your blog and brand to the traffic you are receiving. Ultimately this will enable you to sell to a warmer audience, increasing your conversions.


A website audit should be performed periodically throughout the year in order to make sure your SEO and blog strategy is achieving the results you are after. If it is not, an SEO audit could uncover a series of issues that could explain the results you are receiving. It will also recommend changes you can make to your website which could have a major impact on your traffic.

For an SEO Audit and help with your blogging strategy, come have a chat with us.

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