How to help your hospitality business bounce back after COVID-19

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As restrictions begin easing, and restaurants and cafes can begin opening their doors it is important for these businesses to consider what they can do to ensure they bounce back. Patrons are now getting ready to go and eat out, looking for where they can eat first. So, it is vital that you are right in front of them as they begin to search for their out of lockdown feast.

Hospitality businesses now have a perfect opportunity to gain new loyal customers while bringing back old ones. All it takes is some creative strategies targeted at creating repeat customers. Here is how you can bring in new customers and recover existing customers.

Show your website and Google My Business some love.

As COVID-19 has affected opening hours or forced your business to close you should make sure your customers know about it. The best way to do this is to update your Google My Business (GMB). As existing and potential customers search for your business to find more about you, they will come across your GMB. Keep this updated with information on your opening hours, links to menus, delivery options availability, photos, and more.

Your website should be next on the list, especially considering that it will receive more visitors than your social pages will. Make sure it has an easy to use layout which reflects your brand. Upload high quality photos of your food and dining space. You should also add a current, high quality menu. A great website will have a major effect on your business, helping you grow the number of diners.

Improve your search visibility.

You have made your website look great but want to take that step further and bring in more visitors, and by extension, more customers into your store? SEO is the way to go. Now is the perfect time to get your business in front of new and recurring customers with one of the best ways to do this is through SEO.

Understanding around your brand’s keyword performance and how it can help get the most out of your SEO campaign is a vital aspect of getting the results you want. If you need help improving your website’s search performance, have a chat with our SEO team.  

Reward loyalty

Your loyal customers who have stuck around through the pandemic, ordering take away or delivery are some of your most valuable customers. But how do you reward them in an interesting or unique enough way to ensure they keep coming back.

The trick is to tailor your offerings, using them to connect with your customers. It could be as simple as throwing in a free dish with a personalised note which is all the gesture your customer needs to remember you. Surprising customers by over delivering is a heart-warming strategy that can help you get to the top of their out of isolation to-do list.

Remain connected

Data is a powerful tool in marketing. Creating a database of information around your customers allows you to understand them, and then target them with convincing, personalised marketing materials. This database should go further than simply capturing names, email addresses and phone numbers. You should look at keeping their last order, order size and even food preferences.

With this information you can offer personalised loyalty rewards or emails designed to encourage these customers to come back for more. If you have built this database you can use this information to reach out to your customers in a personal way and ensure they are lining up on day one of reopening.  

Ramp up your social game

Encouraging customers to safely come to your restaurant or café through competitions, giveaways, rewards and live streams. Offer vouchers through engaging competitions to encourage your loyal customers to keep coming back. You can sweeten the deal further by providing offers that are irresistible in exchange for tagging friends, or sharing your posts.


As restrictions are beginning to lift, now is the perfect time to prepare for your customers return. So, creating a smart marketing strategy designed to bring existing customers back, and introduce new customers to your business. Lockdown restrictions have made everyone hungry for the classic dining and café experience, so putting your business in front of these excited faces will make you first choice when they do head out.

If you want to be first on your customers minds when they want to dine out, have a chat with the Link Pixel team.


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