How To Optimise Your Google My Business

A good Google My Business (GMB) is vital to gaining great rankings in local SEO. The content within, when optimised well, will make your business more visible during local searches, allowing you to capture your local market. Your GMB will also likely be the first place your customers look when they are directly searching for your business, and the information provided is what they will use to contact you.

To help businesses optimise their GMB for success in local SEO, here are 4 elements you need to look at.

1. Posts

Google Posts allow you to post information directly into your GMB. This is an opportunity to engage with your audience while improving your local search rankings. Often Google Posts is an overlooked feature, with many business owners unaware of its existence. However, it is an important tool that Google provides that should not be ignored.

Here are three reasons you should use the GMB posts feature:

  1. Google posts are a major feature to GMB, if you do not use them you will not have a complete GMB, potentially hindering your local SEO rankings.
  2. Research has shown that Google Posts are regularly clicked on and read by users, offering you the perfect space to talk to your customers.
  3. As customers look at Google Posts you can use them as a part of your sales funnel, providing a first point of contact, nurturing your customers.

2. Information

Your GMB, for many searches, will be the first thing locals see of your business. The information provided will, for some, be how they try to contact your business. Google will also scan the information you provide on your GMB to ensure your page ranks for the correct local search terms. Research has shown that providing a large amount of up to date, complete information has real, positive effects to a websites search engine performance. Here is the information you need to provide:

  • Business name: ensure your business name appears consistently across all forms of marketing
  • Business category: This will appear prominently. Unfortunately, there are only so many you can choose from so select what best describes your business.
  • Address: Like your business name, your address should appear consistently across all your marketing. Your address is essential to local search rankings. Google will use the address to determine where you rank in relation to area-based searches.
  • Hours: Keep your hours updated. There is nothing worse than having a customer rock up expecting you to be open only to find that you are closed. They may distrust your brand and move to your competitors.
  • Special Hours: These are your holiday hours. It is important to keep these updated to for the same reason as above. It is simply best practice to inform your customers as to when you are open.
  • Phone: In GMB phone numbers are clickable enabling mobile users to call you directly from search. This can be huge for generating conversions, you will have a very warm lead reaching out to you ready to be sold to.
  • Website: Add your website link to add another path your customers can go down in your sales funnel.
  • Services: List the services your business provides. Not only is this great information for your customers but they are relevant keywords to have in your GMB.
  • Business description: This is another opportunity to tell your customers who you are while adding in those sweet keywords.
  • Opening date: If you are an established business, adding an opening date can cement trust in your brands experience and quality.
  • Photos and videos: Photos and videos of your business and products are a must. These could be a final factor in converting a customer. A picture tells a thousand words after all.

3. Reviews

Reviews are the lifeblood to most businesses online. BrigthLocal has found that 85% of consumers trust online reviews just as much as word-of mouth recommendations. Good or bad reviews can determine whether a business sinks or swims. It is essential that you put a strategy in place to generate great reviews and manage bad reviews. We provide an awesome guide on how to manage bad reviews here.

Getting great reviews not only looks good on your GMB but provides you with some excellent testimonials for you to show off across all of your marketing channels.

4. Insights

Did you know that you can get insights into how well your GMB is performing? Google My Business Insights is a great tool for seeing how effective your GMB has been. The data surrounds customer engagement and shows how customer shave found your GMB on search and maps. Through this tool you can see:

  • Number of views for your GMB
  • How customers found the listing
  • Customer interactions with your GMB


A key to success in local SEO is an excellent GMB which is filled with accurate, up-to-date information. One major element to this success is writing the correct kind of content. Ensuring that you GMB is optimised for local search, improving the rankings of your website, is a specialty of our SEO experts. Come have a chat with us today and see how we can help your search rankings.


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