Why YouTube Matters to Marketing More Than You Think

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Can you guess what the top 3 search engines are? If you put Bing in the top 3 then you are wrong. Surprisingly the top 3 are Google, YouTube, and Baidu. Two of those are very conventional search engines, but you may be shocked to see YouTube in there. I mean, it’s only a video hosting site, right?

The fact that YouTube is second says something about the power of video. Millions of people are searching for something on YouTube before Google. It isn’t all just cat videos, in fact, some of the most popular genres of videos revolve around un-boxing products, reviews, and how-tos. These videos receive hundreds of thousands of views and generate huge followings for those who post them. YouTube has generated a user base that has become incredibly important for businesses to tap into. Here are 5 good reasons why your business should be on YouTube. 

1. Build trust 

YouTube humanises any brand. It allows customers to connect and relate to the brand. By utilising YouTube, you can talk directly to your customers, respond to their queries, and show your excitement for your new products. You can push your businesses personality and brand right to the forefront and allow customers to interact with and connect with your business in an entirely new way. Building this relationship provides your business with an edge over the competition. You can generate a growing customer base that feels connected to your business, so trust it, and then recommend it. Building trust with customers is important to every business and YouTube offers the perfect avenue to build that trust.  

2. Build authority 

In an ever-crowded market filled with competitors all vying for the same customers it has become increasingly important to not only build a relationship with customers but also to present yourself as an authority figure in your industry. This goes hand in hand with building trust. By building authority on a topic, customers will go to you before your competitors for information about products in your industry. YouTube is the perfect platform to project this authority. By creating instructional videos that are entertaining and factual you can build authority in the eyes of your customers becoming the one stop shop for their needs in your industry. 

3. Engage with customers 

Video is the perfect platform to provide your customers with a chance to engage with your products beyond traditional marketing. They provide a personal, “hands-on” engagement with your products. Beyond simply watching a video, platforms like YouTube offer an extra level of engagement between businesses and their customer base. Comments, likes, shares and more open up a new line of communication between your business and your customers. By using these channels to engage or understand your customers, by answering questions or helping solve any issues, you continue to build trust and establish yourself as an authority figure.   

4. Draw attention 

Yes, there may be billions of hours of video on YouTube to compete with, but it is possible to cut through the noise and draw attention to yourself. YouTube is the perfect platform to get attention for your brand, but the way you draw that attention in the first place has changed. Years ago, it used to all be about making viral content, reaching millions of views suddenly boosting your brand awareness. While this can still happen now, it has become harder than ever to become viral plus when you do those viewers don’t usually come back for any more of your content. Instead the better strategy is to simply build your brand overtime on YouTube. By building a following through regular content updates and a robust marketing strategy you will hold a loyal, ever growing base of followers.  

5. Boost search engine rankings 

When used right, YouTube has the potential to boost traffic to your site, increase their stay on your website, and further increase conversions. Most of these metrics are what Google looks for when increasing the rankings of a website on Google. By building a strong marketing strategy on YouTube you can, by extension, begin boosting your rankings on Google. Video SEO is a common strategy to drive customers to a website and retain them through engaging content. If you want to see what video can do for your rankings and traffic talk to our SEO experts today! 

Need help making excellent content for YouTube? Link Pixel’s videography team are professional content creators. Contact us now to find out more! 


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