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Build your brand

Tell your customers who you are with a strong brand. Branding is an important first step for any business. It can change how you are perceived by your customers while driving new business and increasing brand awareness. By building a brand your customers will be able to instantly recognise you wherever you are. A brand is also incredibly important for marketing, allowing you to present a consistent image that will resonate within potential customers minds, potentially driving a purchase. We love building brands. Whether it be building a new brand or rejuvenating an older brand, our Creative Team will put their all into creating the perfect brand image for your business.  


Design is key

Keep your brand consistent and instantly recognisable with a unique custom design framework. As a part of our branding strategies our Creative Team ensure that all graphic elements, logos designs, icons and documents are across the board and specific to you and only you. Our approach guarantees that your business’ branding is unique and reflected across every aspect of your company. Need a brochure to showcase your incredible services? Or a killer logo design to set you apart from the rest? Maybe even a customised letterhead to give your external documents that little bit extra? We got you. Take advantage of our branding services to allow our Creative Team to transform your business into something customers will find instantly recognisable with a design framework.  

Video accounts for over 74% of internet traffic.

We love cat videos just as much as you do.

Medaco Medical Aesthetics

Medaco needed a new and unique brand to match their advanced treatments and boutique clinic. They came straight to Link Pixel, looking for branding experts, and we delivered. We created an entire suite of new branding for them. From their name to colouring and log, to imagery. Medaco now have a unique brand that is taking the beauty image by storm.

Link Pixel Website Design Medaco Medical Aesthetics

A photo says a thousand words...

Where would we be without photography? How would we know who you are, where you are and what you look like? Our Creative Team go to any lengths to get the perfect shot for your business, because we know that stock imagery just isn’t you. Our expert photographers will make sure that your digital imagery is consistent across the board – from headshots to products, on-site projects and events. Nothing says you like you do.  


But a video says more.

Nothing says wow like videographyWhether it be an epic 2-hour Hollywood Blockbuster (we don’t do those) or aAd that sends people swarming to your business as if you were the Beatles (that we can do). You’ll be hard pressed to find something more attention grabbingvideo is one of the best ways to talk to your customers and tell them what you are all about. In fact, we worked out that if a picture is supposed to say one thousand words then a video can say 7.8 million, which is a number that makes our copywriters cry. So, grab everyone’s attention with a creative, custom made video (or videos) for your business by talking to our Creative Team today!   


What will a brand do for my business?

A brand will provide the perfect connection between your business and your customers. A brand will build trust with your customers, build recommendations, drive return sales and more. If you want your business to stick in the mind of your customers over your competitors come purchasing time you need a brand. If you want customers to return for more and bring their friends and family along with them, you need a brand. Branding will help your business grow. If you need to know more, we have an excellent article on the importance of brand here. 

Why is photography important for marketing?

Without photography how would your online customers see and know who your business is? Photography is essential to any business online. It allows your customers to glimpse into your business, seeing your products and services. This can also provide an opportunity to put a human face to your business, increasing connectivity and trust between you and your customers.  

In eCommerce photography is essential. If your products do not have high quality photos that can be zoomed in on, then you will have a tough time selling.   

Why should I include video in my marketing?

Video is the best way to draw attention to your business, tell your customers who you are, and build brand loyalty. This can be through creative advertisements or how-tos and product demos. Consumers love videos, they help them determine what to buy by providing an almost completely interactive experience with your products. This is part of the reason YouTube has exploded becoming the second most used search engine. If you want to see your conversions explode, with new and existing customers, you need video. 

How will you create a brand for my business?

Our branding teams are experts at creating your business a brand that you will love. One that reflects your business, its goals, values and mission, and brings customers back for more. To do this our team will sit down with you and outline these goals, values and mission to ensure that we can capture your brand’s style in its new brand. We also bring a lot of industry research and data to help determine what type of branding customers for your products are already familiar with, and so, more likely to convert from. Then we will create a style guide guiding new logos, colouring, imagery and more.  

Why can’t I just take the photos?

You could, however, it is likely that these photos will receive sub-par results and could leave you losing easy conversions. With an increasing number of images out on the internet there is far higher expectations from consumers about the photos a business has. They have to be creative to catch their eyes, they have to be high quality so that they can be zoomed in on, and they have to be almost everywhere across your website to increase retention. To meet expectations, you will need Link Pixel. We take high quality, creative photographs that will appeal to your customers and help you avoid missing out on any potential conversions. 

Where will these videos be released?

Wherever they will have the most impact. There are so many platforms that these videos could be released on that, depending on the industry, could have immense benefits. Some general locations for posting these videos, however, are your website, YouTube and your social media marketing platforms. The Link Pixel team will help you to determine the best platforms to post your videos, backed up by advanced research, to ensure that you will get the highest ROI.