Lights, camera, action! Let's grow your business with videography.

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Say more with video.

Want to tell your target market about your business and want them to actually listen? You need video. Video has the power to hold customers’ attention while you tell them about your products. It could even increase your conversion rate by 80%! With video you can say more and convert more. But first you need to create something different. 


On YouTube alone there are billions of minutes of content and much more uploaded every day. That all must look extremely intimidating! It is very difficult to stand out on your own amongst the millions of content creators and businesses making video. But, by partnering with Link Pixel you will be able to cut through the noise and tell your customers about your business.  


Our videography team are experts at creating unique, creative content for your business that jumps out from the mass of video content online. They are excellent at making further optimisations to your videos, getting it in front of people who are more likely to convert, overall boosting your sales. 

Chat to our videography specialists today! See how we build awareness for your business and boost your sales!

Draw attention to your business.

Did you know that video content receives 1200 times more shares than text or images? 


That is a lot! More people engage with video. They are more likely to watch, listen and share increasing your conversions and your customer base. If you want to grow your customer base, then video is the way to go. Where most businesses get stuck, however, is in figuring out what content to post. 


There are so many content possibilities that it can be a bit overwhelming. You want something that will attract viewers, wont cause them to switch off, but will still sell your business. Link Pixel will take that stress away from you. Our videographers are excellent content creators, understanding video marketing inside and out. They will create attention grabbing content that will keep your viewers engaged, and ultimately convert them into customers.  

Get professional videographers by your side.

Video is the best thing since sliced bread. It brings your business attention and it is known for converting. That is all well and good to know but how do you start in making video content?  


You could pull out your smartphone and begin recording something, but it won’t provide you with a great return. By working with Link Pixel, you get access to a team of professional videographers who know their stuff. They have high-quality professional equipment and are loaded up with good ideas. Whether you want an advertisement, an instructional video, weekly video content or much more, our team is equipped and ready to roll.  


Video SEO & YouTube drive sales.

Want to get your video the highest amount of views, shares and conversions possible? You need to put it on YouTube. However, its not that easy. While there are over a billion users on YouTube (It is the second most visited website) there is millions of minutes of content uploaded every day. There is a lot of competition. Not only do you need to create content to stand out, but you need to put in the SEO work to get it in front of your target audience in the first place.  


By working with Link Pixel, you will be able to sit back as we kick your video marketing into overdrive. We know how to take advantage of YouTube, turning your videos into conversion making machines. Not only that, but we create incredible content that will draw your target market in, cutting through your noisy competitors. We back that up with excellent SEO work and you will be on your way to the bank smiling, with your sales at an all time high.