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Boost your Shopify site's SEO.

Shopify is great. It is an easy to use for newcomers to the online retail space, allowing businesses to set up an awesome shop easily. The platform also constantly sees increased revenue with Shopify growing 54% more in the fourth quarter of 2018 than the fourth quarter in 2017. Plus, it integrates with so many third party plugins and software across a range of industries. It is no wonder so many online retail stores jump onto Shopify.  


But, just because it is a Shopify site doesn’t mean you will rank well in Google. Just because it is easy to set up, that doesn’t mean you don’t have to work hard on your SEO. That ease of use can be deceptive. Many businesses have fallen down the trap of picking a nice theme and thinking that’s all that is needed. But that is simply not true. 


By working with Link Pixel to apply an effective SEO strategy to your site you could see your site climb up the ranks on Google, bringing you a lot of customers in the process.  


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Where do you want to go?

Do you want to see your products flying off the shelves? Do you want to build your profits and grow your business? If the answer is yes to both then we can help you.  


Our SEO experts transform your business by rallying around your goals, watching your vision transpire with the help of our strategies 


We back your business up with a robust, data-driven SEO strategy. Then, by utilising Google Analytics we continue to optimise your website, driving traffic and conversions up. See your goals smashed and your competition destroyed as our long-term strategies lift you up.  

We link your Shopify site to your customers.

Build the missing link to your website with an agency that are Shopify SEO pros! We build partnerships so we can celebrate smashing your goals right there with you. Our dedicated team want to see you succeed and work hard to achieve it. By focusing on you we get you better results 


Our team implements proven strategies to not just boost your website short term but leave you dominant in the long term. We work to maintain and optimise your website with the best data to keep your business going and growing. Other Agencies may implement quick fix strategies, then run away when they bite back, destroying your traffic, we see your long-term success as our long-term success. Work with an Agency that cares about you. 


We are all about the results.

To achieve the results that you want we know that you will need a team that can do more than just basic optimisation. You need the full suite, multichannel approach. So we don’t just stop at basic optimisationWe smash your goals with a complete Shopify website strategy that includes Blogs, email marketing, remarketing, videography, social media and more. If you want an Agency that can deliver you the results that you need, you want Link Pixel.  


If you want to take your eCommerce business to the top talk to us today.