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WordPress + WooCommerce = your dream online store

Combine the flexibility of WordPress with the power of eCommerce with WooCommerce. With WooCommerce you can build your dream online store exactly the way that you want it. Whether you want to use a beautiful theme or use advanced features to design your dream site, you have the flexibility to build what you want.  


Want to take what you have lovingly crafted and make a whole lot of money with it? You need WordPress and WooCommerce experts by your side.  


Not only can we help you build your dream website, but we can put it in front of potential customers. Our WooCommerce SEO experts work hard to build your traffic and sales 

On your own you are fighting against millions of online stores to reach potential customers, and then convince them to buy. Fortunately, with Link Pixel you aren’t alone. We know the tactics and strategies that will boost your traffic and generate you new sales.   


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Build your store by partnering with an agency that delivers.

It is tough pushing through the crowd of eCommerce stores out there. Even with WooCommerce you find that breaking through the noise is a challenge.  


We want to work with you, helping you cut right through the noise, putting your business right into the hands of customers. Our team filled with SEO wizards, creative genius’s and web design gurus will work to create a unique strategy to grow your business.  


Your business is unique, so we let that shine. We stand behind your businesshelping it grow to where you want it to be. From start to finish we aim to smash your goals and with it your competition.  

Never stop growing.

As the classic saying goes, “Just keep swimming”. Keep your business moving forward in eCommerce by partnering up with a Digital Agency that commits to your business in the long-term. 


Our SEO team provide you long term support. They ensure that all SEO strategies are up to date and constantly tweak campaigns to ensure the maximum effect. We take care to keep your business growing in the long term so you can “just keep swimming” to the top.  


The Link Pixel team regularly look at all data on your campaign, analysing its strengths and weaknesses, always looking to improve. Our SEO team are regularly looking at creating and optimising your high-performance keywords, ensuring your business is targeted right at your customers. We want your ROI to be the best it possibly can be, so we work hard to increase high converting visitors to your site, making you money.  


Get the WooCommerce experts on your team.

Link Pixel’s team of SEO, WordPress and WooCommerce experts partner with you so they can build strategies around your business and what makes it unique. The entire team brings their expertise to the table, building strategies and smashing goals. We are so confident that you will see massive growth when you work with us, that we are transparent with you with all data relating to your campaign. 


Through our advanced monitoring tools you will be able to see this incredible growth through transparent reporting that lets you see your growth as it happens! We aim to help you build your dream eCommerce business, then growing it beyond your initial expectations.  


Get the WooCommerce SEO experts on your side. Contact Link Pixel today for a free quote and see where we can take your business.