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Get leads fast

PPC click marketing is one of the fastest ways to get your business’ website in the hands of relevant customers. Speed up your lead generation with a PPC campaign run by an expert Performance Media team. With the backing of Link Pixel’s PM team your business will be able to attract and convert potential customers right across the internet, beyond just search and social media. The best part of it all is that we can customise each campaign to specifically target those who could be interested, meaning you only pay for customers who will click. With 64.6% of people clicking on PPC ads it is an effective space to grow your leads.   


Find traffic that will convert.

PPC marketing can be pinpoint targeted at people who are likely to convert. That means that by partnering with our Performance Media team we could reach out specifically to customers that have a higher chance of converting.  

We create ads that spread across the webutilising display ads, Google Ads, social media ads and more. The PM team’s advanced knowledgeanalysis and creativity we can create Google Ads and display ads that will target and attract your potential customers.  

64.6% of search users click on Google Ads.

Google Ads, your new best friend for gaining quick leads.

GST Register

GST Register was using Google Ads in order to generate leads to their website, however, were unhappy with the results. They wanted a more optimised campaign that could bring them a higher ROI. Working with Link Pixel they have managed to see their leads grow dramatically after an expertly optimised campaign was launched.  

Link Pixel Website Design GST Register

Tailor-made ad campaigns for your business needs.

Our Performance Media Team’s personalised approach to your ads will make your ads stand out amongst your competitors. We utilise tailored strategies combined with advanced analytics and research to not just gain you leads but out to manoeuvre your competitors, putting you on top. Spread your business with ads tailored for your business across Google Ads, Google Display Ads, Facebook Business Manager, and so much more. We are experts at creating high quality ads utilising professional photographyvideography and written content, while following it up with advanced expertise and strategy, putting your ad in front of your potential customers.    


We don't just set it and forget it.

Unlike other digital marketing agencies we are not satisfied with just setting up your ads and then forgetting them. Our Performance Media team are meticulous about ensuring that you are getting the best return on investment from your AdsThey are driven by smashing goals and your expectations with it. The PM team will strategize and re-strategize looking at the latest data in order to meticulously tweak your ads to ensure they are performing incredibly well. We don’t settle.    

Effective remarketing keep your customers coming back.

How do you bring one-time visitors back for a conversion? Remarketing ads! Remarketing allows you to reach out to previous visitors specifically across the web in order to bring them back to make a purchase. In fact, these users are even more likely to make a purchaseOur Performance Media team knows this, so, uses the latest technologies and strategies to bring those visitors back.  



How many people click on Ads?

Generally, 64.6% of people click on an ad on Google when they are shopping. This makes PPC ads perfect for attracting visitors to your website who are ready to buy. However, the exact number of people who will click on your ads varies depending on the industry, product and ad itself. Other variants will also include the type of campaign you are running. If you choose a Facebook PPC or Google Display Network campaign then you will have different results. PPC campaigns are designed to be fine-tuned to offer you the best results possible. That is why it is important to partner up with a digital agency that are experts at PPC campaigns. You will not only see the highest percentage of clicks possible but a far superior ROI than you would have otherwise. 

How much do I have to pay if someone clicks on my ads?

The benefit of PPC campaigns is that the spend can be personalised based on your needs and budget. You can set a daily cap in Google Ads and Google will, depending on the rule set, only spend that amount. However, if you set the ruleset to maximise conversions it may spend slightly over your current budget in order to secure you conversions. The amount it will overspend will depend on the budget limit you set. Say you have a daily maximum of $100 Google Ads will only spend up to an extra $100 over that budget, maximising out at $3600 a month. This is why it is important to get someone with experience dealing with Google Ads campaigns by your side. You need a digital marketing agency to help you set the right budget and target the right audience.  

Do I have to pay if my competitor starts clicking on my ads?

There are many methods you can use to combat click fraud and stop your competitors from eating up your ads budget. If your competitors is using a bot to constantly click on your ads then Google will automatically block it, stopping it from using your budget. Or you could choose to manually block your competitors from using your budget by blocking their IP address. This is useful if you find them constantly manually clicking on your ads, something Google doesn’t block automatically. If you are worried about your competitors clicking on your ads talk to us and we can help you out.  

How can I see how the PPC campaign is going?

When you work with Link Pixel for your PPC ads there are two main methods that you can check the results of your ads. The first is through our reports. We will always keep you up to date on the progress of your ads, offering as much useful data as possible to allow you to keep track. Our PPC team does a fantastic job and love to share it with our clients. The other alternative is through the Google Ads dashboard. Here you can see all of the data yourself. The only downside is that you will also have to interpret the data yourself as well. 

If you have any concerns surrounding the progress of your PPC campaign just talk to our PPC team. They will happily answer any questions and help your campaign get on track. 

What is the difference between cost per click and cost per impression?

Cost per click, CPC, and cost per impression, CPM, are very different. Each has their own place depending on the type of campaign you want to run and the type of customers you want to attract. 

CPC means that you only need to pay when someone physically clicks on the ad. Generally, ads that appear in search results use this payment method. It provides a cost-effective ad that allows you to only pay for those who actually have the potential to be customers. 

CPM ads are payed for when they appear in front of users. Essentially, these types of ads will be display ads, or remarketing ads that are purposefully drawing interested traffic to your website. They are not necessarily more expensive than CPC modelled ads. 

Where will my PPC ads appear?

This will depend on the type of PPC campaign you would like to run. For search, your ads will appear in the order that they won the bid for each search. The winner will go first, second place second, etc. This place is determined a few factors these include, relevance to the search, the quality of the landing page, and the amount of money bid. If you bid more money than your competitors but have a low-quality landing page, then you will could still rank below them.  When creating a Display Ad your ads will appear all over the web on websites that have opted into the Google Display Ad network. Your ad will appear on sites related to the keywords and categories that you have chosen.  Do you want your ads to appear somewhere in particular? Talk to the Link Pixel team, we will be able to help you!