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Say hello to your customers.

Introduce yourself to your customers with incredible content written by the Link Pixel Content Writers. We specialise in telling your story to the world, capturing your business’s personality, brand and selling point in SEO ready copy. Great copy can lift your business up, allowing your website to stand out in the eyes of your customers. Our writers create copy that attracts traffic, engages readers, and turns them into customers. Can you say that about your current website copy? Enthral your visitors and turn them into customers with excellent copy from Link Pixel.   


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Content writing: more than just words

Sure, you could fill your site with keywords and maybe it will rank well, but your users will hate it! To really keep users on your website and get a conversion from them you need carefully crafted copy from some excellent wordsmiths. Fortunately, we have some! Our copywriters are masters with the written language, pulling their readers through a beautifully crafted journey that culminates in their conversion. They love writing and are ready to take on your website. We can even go further than just your website! Copywriting covers far more than just website copy. It includes Blogs that entice your users to your website with useful information before funnelling them into a sale. Strategies like these works extremely well. Ifact, year-over-year growth in unique site visits is 7.8x higher for content marketing leaders compared to followers. See where content marketing can take you by talking to our content specialist today!  

Written for your users

We write copy for your users, not for Google. You may think that is bonkers! You want your website to rank high on Google, right, so why not write for that? Well, hear us out. Writing for users, not Google ranks you higher on Google. Bam! But how…? It’s simple why this is the case really, which will make you surprised to know that other agencies write for Google first, users second. We write for users first because by offering users an incredible experience on your website you are pleasing Google. Google wants happy users, and if your site makes users happy you make Google happy. Want to make money? Get the copy writers that write for your users at Link Pixel. 


A full strategy

We do more than just write a bunch of pretty words there is a full-blown SEO strategy behind it. Content is vital to generating sales from your website, but it can’t just be any content. In order to target traffic that is more likely to convert you need to couple your content writing up with SEO strategy, and that is exactly what we do. Our SEO Wizards and Copy Writers team up to push your website up the ranks on Google to get you the best leads.