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Understanding SEO can be daunting, especially if you are flat out running your business. Fortunately, Our SEO Team can provide you with a free SEO audit of your website. They will be able to tell you all the strengths and weaknesses of your website’s SEO in a matter of minutesWe provide you with a simple, easy to understand report on your website. This audit includes: 

  • A review on the quality of your website’s SEO 
  • A content quality report surrounding keywords and their density including some recommendations.  
  • A review on your headingsmeta description and more. 
  • Backlink and domain authority scoring along with some suggestions to improve them. 
  • Usability report including whether it is usable on mobile or not. 
  • Performance tests to check your load speeds and offer some suggestions on how to speed up your website.  
  • A security overview in order to see how secure your website is. 
  • A final overview of all suggested changes and their priorities.  

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See where your problems are with our SEO audit.

Good SEO is key to out doing your competitors in reaching potential customers first. By getting your website on the 1st page of Google with relevant keywords, fantastic headings, and more you can attract those potential customers to your website. The trick is to get to the 1st page.  


There are a lot of businesses that are unsure why they are not seeing a return on all of their SEO effortsWhile they may have tried to ensure that their keywords are relevant or that the website loads fast, they are still not seeing any gains in their organic rankings. That is why we built this tool, so, if you are one of those businesses you can find out why your efforts aren’t paying off.  

It can be tough as a small business owner, you have big ideas, but just need to overcome this one hurdle to achieve them. All kinds of businesses have these problems to begin with, whether they are high tech start-ups or a cupcake bakery, SEO can be tricky.  


If you want to overcome this hurdle to success start by leaving your details below so we can provide you with an SEO Audit to help you on your way. Plus, its free! Apply now below.  


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