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What went wrong?

Everything was going well. You were working hard on your digital marketing strategy. Your website looked awesome and seemed set to generate more traffic, but it wasn’t. Everything is now going southYour traffic has dried up, your rankings are droppingIt is possible that you have been hit with a Google penalty. But don’t panic yet! There is still a chance to reverse your losses. Contact our team today to receive your free Google Penalty Report. From there we can advise you on how to rebuild.  


We can help you recover from a Google penalty. Talk to our specialists now to find Out How!


What Is A Google penalty?

Google penalties are a mark that Google puts on your site. This mark tells the algorithm that it believes that you are trying to cheat the system or over-optimise your site. In a way it is like a little punishment. Your site will then be impacted in terms of its rankings on Google.   

This penalty could completely blindside you. After all, you were only following the advice of expert marketing blogs and Google themselves. The trouble is that you may have accidentally broken a rule simply because the rules changed! Google updates their algorithms hundreds of times a year. Its almost impossible for any business owner to keep up, especially considering that you have to juggle every other aspect of your business. To avoid these penalties in the future try and keep an eye out on some of the larger updates. That’s where the big rule changes occur. 

Different Google penalty types.

There are two main penalty types that you can receive from Google. Both types are designed to signal to you that your site is not in compliance with the latest updates. 


While penalties can be reversed by solving the breach it is very difficult to know whether you have a penalty in the first place, let alone what exactly the breach is. This is where we come in with our free Google Penalty Report.  

Algorithmic Penalty  This penalty is placed on you by Google’s algorithm when it identifies that your site is not compliant with the latest update. It then places the penalty on you automatically. 


Manual Penalty  This one is by an employee at Google. Generally, the algorithm has called them in to review your site for any breaches. This happens when the algorithm is not sure whether you are breaching or not.  


We offer a free Google penalty report.

Think you may have been hit by a Google Penalty?  

If so check out or free Google Penalty Report.  

Once you have submitted a couple of details, we will be able to analyse your site for the penalty. We will even be able to tell you what the penalty is for and tips on removing it. As well as that we will provide some extra information on how to avoid another penalty in the future. 

So, what are you waiting for? Take advantage of our free Google Penalty Report today!