Want to rank page 1 on Google? You need mobile SEO.

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We are a mobile first SEO agency!

You may have heard this phrase chucked around a lot but never quite understood what it really means. It means that we are an agency that takes your business to where the people are. If your site isn’t ready for mobile, then you miss out on over 60% of your potential traffic. So, we make sure that it is ready for mobile first. We optimise everything for mobile devices so your users love using it, Google loves that they are happy, and you love it because you generate a lot more sales. It really is a win/win for everyone.


The power of mobile devices

Mobile devices are so powerful now that they have the capabilities to replace computers! In fact, there are tablets out there that are already doing just that. That means that more people can ditch their desktop and go completely mobile. So that 60% figure we quoted above… expect that to rise in the futureIf your website isn’t built for mobile or optimised for mobile search you need to contact us ASAP! The future is ever increasing mobile searches and fortunately with us on your side, you will be ready for anything.  

Don't lose anymore of your traffic with a comprehensive mobile SEO strategy. Give us a call!

"OK Google, tell everyone about my business"

Ever used a Google home, Amazon Echo, or Siri? Most people will have said yesVoice search is the next big thing in search next to mobile searchIn fact, 58% of consumers have used voice search to find information about local businessesThat’s an insane number! It has now become vital that your website has good voice SEO. Is your website ready?  

If not, you need an SEO agency that understands that voice search is imperative to any mobile first SEO strategy. That is why we make sure that your website is set for voice search. We employ the latest SEO strategies in order to keep your business ahead, gaining leads that your competitors could only dream of. Get an SEO agency that knows the importance of voice search, speak to Link Pixel’s SEO strategists today! 


Get ahead of the game

To get ahead in todays increasingly mobile and voice-based world you need to be prepared to let go of your desktop-based site. While you will still have an incredible desktop site, it does count for 40% of searches still, to beat out your competition you will need to push your mobile and voice SEO. Most agencies are still building and optimising for desk-top first, but their clients are missing out! Partner up with an SEO agency that is not comfortable being left behind, that is constantly looking for new strategies and technologies that will push its clients to the top of their industries. Link Pixel is that agency. If you want to get ahead of your competition you need to talk to us now.