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Catch the public's attention with video SEO.

Can you guess what the second biggest search engine is?... Its YouTube! Why? Because everyone loves video. It provides an experience that cannot be matched by text or audio alone. Video has the ability to show and tell a story, or easily instruct people on how to use a product. There is so much potential in what video can do that it always remains an interesting medium that retains viewers attention. This is why YouTube is the second largest search engine. Being able to find out the answers to your questions in video form provides an interesting and entertaining alternative to simply googling the same information.    

YouTube processes more than 3 billion searches a month. If you want your business to benefit from those searches you need a good video SEO strategy. Building your presence in video will allow you to hype up and advertise in new ways to draw customers who are incredibly excited about your product or service.  


Convert and grow with a strong video SEO strategy from Link Pixel!


SEO video builds success

Video adds a brand-new way for your business to connect to your customers. You can reach out to them in a way that is unique, entertaining and conversion making. Websites that specialise in hosting video, like YouTube, offer the perfect platform to build a following for your businessThese fans are the perfect base to sell your products or services to, by creating unique, entertaining videos about them. There are so many types of videos you can make too! They all have the potential to build your following, energise your brand and convert new customers.  

If you need any assistance with increasing your presence in video talk to our SEO team. They are experts at working with video platforms like YouTube and can help increase your conversions.  

How can SEO video transform your marketing?

Video is full of potential. It has opened up a whole new path that potential customers can take to interact with your brand and ultimately funnel into a conversion; buying your product or service. By driving traffic, encouraging engagement, increase dwell time on your website and build links from reputable domains, video has the added bonus of improving your search engine rankings. Each of those metrics are what Google looks for in improving rankings. By simply adding video, whether it be on YouTube, social media or on your website your business will see a boost in traffic and conversions.   

But this doesn’t just happen by creating a couple of videos and uploading them to YouTube. Just like with building a website the is some SEO that needs to be implemented for your videos. This is where our SEO team come in to accelerate your videos. We offer advice on content for videos and implement an SEO strategy.  


Video SEO Strategies

To generate traffic to your website and maximise your leads we create a video SEO strategy that helps in smashing your goals.


Great Content

Great content gets great results. We have a team of video and SEO expert who will help advise you on great video content ideasThis is the first stage of getting great results out of video. By generating great content you will find it much easier to draw in and convert an audience. Plus, if making your own video content it too daunting for you, we offer our own videography service, creating high quality content for you.  


Location, Location, Location!

You may have created some great content but if it isn’t uploaded in the right place then it will all be for nothing. We put your content right in front of potential customers. While YouTube is extremely popular there are a lot more places to upload video. Each comes with its own distinct audience that can be leveraged in different ways with different content to increase traffic on your own website.  


Incredible Rich Snippets

Every video needs a killer rich snippet that will draw viewers in. Rich snippets tell a user what they can expect from the videos content. These include, descriptions, thumbnails, tags and more. Accelerate your video’s views with an SEO ready rich snippet made by SEO experts. We work to ensure that your video will rank well across YouTube, Google and much more.