What to Tell The World About Yourself? Get Your Business on Social Media!

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Step Up Your Socials, Elevate Your Brand

How do you reach a wide audience, talk to your most loyal fans, advertise changes to your business and grab attention with specials? Social media of course! 79% of Australians are on Social Media, so if you want to find the target audience for your business the best place would be to start there. Not only is it the perfect place to reach your niche but it can have a positive effect on your brand. 64% of consumers are more likely to trust a brand if it interacts positively on social media. Give your business a boost with a great social media campaign from our Social Media Team.  

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With 15 million active Australians using Facebook why wouldn’t you want to be here? Our Social Media Team are addicted to Facebook, they can’t put it down (they claim its for their job but we know otherwise). It must be doing something to them as they have transformed into a Facebook like smashing machine. If your business is after brand exposure and conversions our SM Team are in the perfect position to smash your expectations.   

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Instagram has come along way since it became the official home of food and coffee picturesIt used to only be restaurants, cafés and coffee shops that had “Instagram-able” products. No longer is that the case. Instagram has gone from being filled with hipster photographers in Melbourne to a place where businesses of almost all types can connect with their customers in a unique, humanizing way. Our Social Media Team love shaking things up on Instagram with unique, new posts showing off your business to new customers.  


YouTube is more than just unboxings, video games and make-up tutorials, it is filled with high quality content that allows brands to grow their audience locally or world-wide. On top of that it is also the second biggest search engine on the planet! Our Social Media know how powerful YouTube can be. They have an experienced Videographer who knows the ins and outs of creating exciting content for YouTube, while the rest of the Team know how to get the most likes, and from that conversions. 

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The home of businesses and professionals, the ultimate B2B hub. If you want to network without having to actually go out and network, LinkedIn is the place for you. Connect with professionals and businesses to sell your products or services across most industries. Our Social Media Team know LinkedIn in and out, they know all the tricksthey know how to make you look like an expert. 

64% of consumers are more likely to trust a brand if it interacts positively on social media.

Time to teach Dad how to use Facebook.

Oakmont Landscaping

Oakmont Landscaping were looking for a new medium to build their brand and accelerate their sales. They wanted an avenue that would allow them to connect with new and existing customers, building their brand awareness. We created an Instagram account for them that is posted to regularly. This has grown their customer base and created a portfolio that they can share with prospective customers.

Link Pixel Website Design Oakmont Landscaping

Social Doesn't Just Stop At Likes & Shares

Gaining a following on social media is all well and good, but what you really want are conversions. You want a way to reach people who are likely to buy your products with something that will turn them into a conversion. Good thing our Social Media Team knows what that something is! We know how to utilise Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube’s advertising platforms to push your posts beyond your existing customersThrough these platforms we can help you build a larger audience and funnel them through to your website for a conversion. 


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Why should I market on social media?

79% of Australians are on a social media platform. If that figure alone isn’t enough then know that it is known to have a far more measurable effect than traditional media and a higher ROI. Social media marketing is a must be space for any business in the 21st century. If you want to reach new customers, bring back old customers, and build brand loyalty then there is no place like social media. There is even a wide variety of platforms that could suit any business. Sell cupcakes? Try Instagram. Sell IT solutions to other businesses? LinkedIn may be your cup of tea.   

How many social media platforms should I choose?

As many as you like. We do all of them. If you have trouble deciding, just pick one to start with, we will help you decide, then we will go all out on turning it into a massive money-maker for your business. Then from there we can expand your business across many more platforms, each with their own strengths. A multi-channel approach is always best, so while we are focusing on one social media marketing channel have a look at our SEO or PPC services to and really boost your sales. 

How effective is social media marketing?

Social media marketing is one of the best ways to reach out to your customers and build brand loyalty. Brand loyalty is one of the essential steps in bringing customers back to buy more of your products. Social media also provides another channel in which to reach out to new customers, make first contact and bring them back to your website. A multi-channel approach is essential for today's marketing climate. It allows you to bring more traffic to your website and convert a higher portion of your traffic.  

Social media also has a higher ROI than other forms of marketing, making it extremely effective for small and medium businesses.   

Why should Link Pixel manage my social media marketing?

To make the most of social media you need many different skill sets. These include writing, photography, videography and data analysis. To really increase your ROI you need an entire team of people dedicated to your social media marketing strategy. That is why you need Link Pixel. With our full social media team, complete with every set of skills required, we can bring you the highest ROI possible.  

Which social media platform is best?

There is no exact answer to this as it depends entirely on your industry. The best social media platform is the one that suits your goals and provides you with the highest ROI. If you are unsure on which platform that is, do not worry. That is where we come in. Link Pixel will help you decide on which platforms to target with our advanced industry research and analysis. We also keep up to date with the ever-changing social media marketing landscape to ensure that your business is in the right place.  

How can I see how well the social media campaign is doing?

We will constantly provide you with update reports so you can see exactly how the campaign is going. These reports will be filled with insights and interpretations upon the data shown. But, if you want to see the data yourself you can also log into the particular social media platform anytime and look at their data insight tools. If you want to find out how have a chat with Link Pixel’s social media team today!