Boost traffic to your website with the best Facebook marketing strategy.

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Connect to your customers with strategic Facebook ads.

Facebook is much more than keeping up with friends and posting memes. For your business it offers the perfect location to connect to a massive audience and turn them into customers.   

With over 1 billion users, Facebook has become a must be location for any business. Build connections with your audience then funnel them across to your website for a conversion. It is a winning connection that has been tried and tested by many businesses.   

But not every business is successful on Facebook. There is a lot more to it than posting a couple of pictures every now and then and updating your description. Facebook is a noisy platform, filled with over 80 million businesses. To build a bridge between your business and Facebook users you have to stand out.   

You need Link Pixel to take your Facebook campaign and dial it up to one thousand. We transform your page with fun, engaging content that pulls users to your business. Our Team are ready to turn your Facebook campaign around and drive your leads! 


Have a chat with our Facebook marketing specialists today! See where a social media strategy will take your business!


More than just likes, it makes you money, too!

Think that Facebook is a waste of effort because all it gets you is likes? Think again! Facebook has proven itself time and time again to be a fantastic platform to build a presence on and use it to drive leads. If you have been active on Facebook and receive a lot of likes but no conversions then you need to talk to our team today. We utilise proven strategies that will drive you new leads, push up conversions and increase repeat customers.   

There are over 80 million businesses on Facebook, are each receiving massive boosts in sales? Probably not. Why would you then see those sales? Because you would have Link Pixel behind you. On average a Facebook campaign backed by a good digital marketing agency will see a 450% ROI! With Link Pixel’s Facebook team behind you, your Facebook campaign will be able to hit your goals and get you much more than “likes”. 

Stay ahead with effective campaigns.

Going it alone on Facebook is a risk that doesn’t pay off. Trying to manage an account that stands out amongst the crowd of businesses while still running your business is a challenging task that generally results in one element being neglected. So how can you build a fantastic Facebook campaign without throwing money in the dark, while still being able to build your business. 

By partnering with Link Pixel’s Facebook team, you get an entire team dedicated to your business’s success on Facebook. We keep up to date with the latest updates and strategies to ensure that your business stays ahead. Annihilate your competition with a fantastic Facebook campaign from Link Pixel that connects you to your customers and leads them through the door.  

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Do you need Facebook marketing?

The short answer is yes, the long answer is yeeeeeeeeeeeesFacebook is the must be place for any business. We have told you all about the amount of businesses, the 450% average ROI, the insane number of 1 billion users, but there are so many more reasons.   

Take the fact that Facebook is the third most visited website in the world! That doesn’t even take into account app users. Or, that revenue per user on Facebook has doubled in three years. There is certainly a lot of potential on Facebook. But it goes beyond big statistics.