With 1 billion users lets get the camera rolling on YouTube marketing!

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Take your brand to where everyone is.

How does having your brand in front of your target audience on the two most visited website in the world sound? Sounds amazing right! I’m sure you are dreaming about all of the new customers you could find, how your sales are going to skyrocketand how you will be able to out-do your competitors, putting your business on the map. But what are these platforms?  

They are Google and YouTube.  


How do you get to the top of both? You talk to Link Pixel of course. We talk more about getting to the top of Google on our SEO page here, but YouTube is what we will talk about here.   

The perfect partner to your Google ranking (In fact they boost each other), a platform with over 1 billion users, a platform that 78% of marketers agree offers the best ROI, and a place where you can reach more 18-34 year old’s than traditional TV advertisingYouTube is the place to be if you want to build your business.   

By partnering with Link Pixel for your YouTube marketing you get the backing of a data back, creative strategy that will utilise every avenue on the platform to propel your business. With Link Pixel at your back you can guarantee that your business will be presented in an exciting, engaging way that pushes your brand and drives sales.   

Take the next step forward with a YouTube Marketing strategy from Link Pixel. 


Have a chat with our YouTube marketing specialists today! See where a social media strategy will take your business!


1 Billion YouTube users = Lots of exposure!

Where do you want to take your brand on YouTube? With over a billion users there are so many popular video styles that can project your brand into the hearts and minds of potential customers. Bring your products to your customer with “hands on” unboxings. Unboxings are one of the most popular videos on the platformand often drive purchases with the unboxing experience alone. How-tos are an excellent form of YouTube video that bring people to your business for industry knowledge and how-tos on your products. Or you could upload behind the scenes footage, adding extra personality and humanising your brand. Really, the list of potential videos you could do to boost your brand and build customers is endless. 


Need help deciding how to conquer YouTube? Talk to Link Pixel. Not only can we help you create video ideas, we can also actually make them as well! Our creative team are experts aproducing and filming high quality videos that are perfect for YouTube. But, it doesn’t stop there. Our Data and Ads team can take the videos and put them right in front of actual people who are likely to convert. How great is that!  


If you want to build customers and propel your business YouTube plus Link Pixel is the ticket to the top.   

Why YouTube ads?

Yeah you could try the free route and attempt to generate an audience and customers organically on YouTube, but you are going to struggle. Sure, there are over a billion users but there are millions of hours of video uploaded every day. You need to stand out. Organic YouTube is incredibly important but by utilising YouTube’s paid ads you can push your rise up YouTube forward by a few years  

When you partner with Link Pixel for YouTube paid advertising you can see results far greater and much quicker than you would have on your own or through pure organic marketing. You will be able to see increased traffic to your website, increased sales, increased engagement with your brand, improved SEO on Google plus more!   

To see what paid YouTube advertisements can do for your brand contact Link Pixel now!  

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YouTube videos that convert.

Go beyond text and provide your customers a new platform to interact with your business. YouTube has become a fantastic part in the customer journey, offering them a unique way to interact with and experience your brand. Build better relationships and generate conversions by sending customers on an interactive journey with your brand.   

YouTube marketing has moved beyond viral videos, it is now all about customer experience and long-term relationships. Build engaging content that will hold your viewers until the end of the video, and you will begin to see a rise in customers.  

The trick to getting the most out of YouTube is creating incredible content and an effective CRO strategy. By partnering with Link Pixel, you will have an entire team dedicated to boosting your conversions from YouTubeWe create incredible content, matched with a highly targeted YouTube ads strategy and effective CRO to boost your conversions, maximising your ROI.