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What makes a great website?

Great web design, amazing UX and SEO are just the beginningOur Web Development Team build every element of your websiteno outsourcing, so you can be guaranteed that it will be greatGet ready for a high quality website that will generate you leads and conversions from your visitors.

Build a thriving website, not just a pretty one.

Everyone loves a great website. But what actually makes a website good? Good question! A simple Google search will give you a million answersFortunately, you don’t have to read that list and instead can partner up with a digital marketing agency who not only have read the list, they live the list. We build websites that both look great and are amazing to use while ranking well in Google. So, your users will love using it and will actually be able to find it in the first place! It’s a win-win 

UI, UX - what's it all about?

Hello user experienceThe one thing so many websites ignore and then completely flop because of that. Yeah, the UI may look amazingbe filled with gorgeous fancy animations, but can someone use it. If that is your website, then you need an experienced web development team that specialise in making kick ass websites that not only look great but are extremely satisfying to use. Your customers will be zipping around it in no time, buying your products or services, and leaving some great reviews. Nice!   


It's what's under the hood that counts

If a car looks good, but doesn’t have an engine its not going anywhere. But put in a great big engine and it’ll almost fly! It’s the same with a website. The website may look fantastic, be incredible to use, but without any good SEO it will not go anywhereRace ahead of your competition to get the attention for your potential customers with fantastic SEO. Our SEO Team jump in with every website development to ensure that your new website is freshly tuned and ready to go.   

Divert your competitors' traffic and uncover their conversion strategy.

We provide you with inside intel on your competitors so that you can divert their traffic and grow your business. See their best-kept secrets, discover their conversion strategy and get insider tips with a competitor analysis from Link Pixel. Best of all, it is FREE for a limited time! Simply click the button below before time runs out.

Corematic Engineering

Corematic had a poorly designed website that was causing them to lose potential clients. It had poor UX and UX design was not responsive on mobile and had very minimal content. They wanted an entirely new website that would not just stop them from losing traffic, but grow it as well.

Link Pixel Corematic Engineering Website Design

The average content wordcount for websites ranking on Google's first page result is 1,890 words.

Here's 2 more to add to the count: Call us.


Try our SEO combo meal.

I would like to order one SEO Combo please!” When we build you a website, we don’t just stop at the design, we go the whole way. Get the full combo complete with mouth-watering website, refreshing content, and a side of crispy, delicious SEO just to top it all off. Sound delicious? Our website design team would love to get your website going and have it ready to rank well on Google when we are done. We go above and beyond for our clients to ensure that they are satisfied with their website 

Note: Do not eat your website. 

I feel the need, the need For speed... and security.

Never have a slow website again with a website built by Link PixelWe don’t like slow websites and neither does anyone else. 32.3% of a website’s visitors will bounce if your website takes 7 seconds to load and it gets worse from there. Amazon suggests that you loose 1% of all your visitors for each 100ms delay in load time. Nasty! That’s why we use only the best in website hosting services, Amazon’s AWS. With lightning fast load times and excellent security, a website built by Link Pixel will be fast without compromise. 

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